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[From The Bearings, Chicago, December 16, 1892]



The portrait of Mr. George H. Strong. of San Francisco, Cal., will be found in the group of newly elected Division officers. He rode the old velocipede in 1869 and 1870, and commenced riding the ordinary in June, 1878, being one of the first three in San Francisco to do so. Other riders gradually joined the trio until in December, 1878, he organized the San Francisco Bicycle Club, which has had a continuous and flourishing existence since that time. It is the second oldest club having existence in the United States, the Boston Club being the leader. Mr. Strong was elected vice-captain of this club at the time of its organization. During the following year there was a sufficient number of new riders added in Oakland, where he had his residence (just across the bay from San Francisco), to warrant a club there, and he organized a club in June, 1879. [Oakland Bicycle Club - MF] He was elected captain of this club for several successive years and elected consul three successive years under the old organization of the League and before the formation of the California Division, and was also a member of the racing board for one or two years. 

During his official career an Oakland ordinance was repealed, which forbade the riding of any two wheeled velocipede anywhere within the


city limits, and the Golden Gate Park of San Francisco was, after many interviews with the commissioners, opened to wheelmen to the extent of allowing them to use the south drive to and from the ocean beach (this privilege has since been extended to practically cover the whole park, except about the music stand on concert days when there is a crowd). The Central Pacific Railroad was also prevailed upon to allow wheels to be carried free if the owner purchased a ticket and accompanied his wheel. To Mr. Strong belongs the credit of laying out the first properly constructed bicycle and athletic track in California. This track was built by the Olympic A. C. and was one-fifth of a mile in extent, with banked corners, and when in condition was tolerably fast. It was used by the O.A. C. and the cycling clubs jointly, and was the scene of many interesting races among the old timers. He was elected chief consul upon the reform ticket at the recent election.



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